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SAVIC controls the whole
process to bring the best
poultry on YOUR plate

a high-quality local know-how

  • 250 local breeders in all parts of the Vendée: near the sea or inland.
  • The Vendée: a farming region renowned for its various types of poultry.
  • Healthy outdoor breeding conditions.
  • All orders honoured, whatever the quantity or the amount.
  • A network of breeders eager to guarantee top-quality poultry production.
  • Challans poultry, a brand renowned for a tasty, gourmet cuisine.

Poultry collecting,
respectful of animal well-being

  • Teams especially trained to ensure maximum animal welfare.
  • Daily poultry-collecting done with care in order to reduce stress.
  • A very important step with strong solidarity between farmers.
  • The high quality of the SAVIC poultry is also ensured by this very careful collecting process.
  • The poultry collected goes through first a manual selection processs, depending on orders and seasons.

The SAVIC poultry
is processed and slaughtered by hand
with traditional know-how and care in order to
guarantee top-quality products.

  • Poultry selected and processed according to the order, with hand-prepared final preparation to guarantee high quality meat.
  • Natural bleeding and airing during 4 hours to improve texture and flavour.

Selecting before processing:
excellence backed up by precision work.

  • Poultry dispatched according to the orders :, whole chickens are processed,
    straight away; hand-cut poultry is selected with care depending on caliber and look.
  • Competent staff dedicated to the customers and their orders.
  • Human visual controls in order to guarantee top-quality poultry.

Traditional hand-made poultry cutting and processing

  • Hand-made cutting for high-quality products and visual appearance.
  • Flexible staff totally dedicated to various poultry processing stages, even in one working day.
  • Creative know-how applied by every member of staff to offer new poultry products such as summer skewers with local fresh fruit.
  • Hand-processed and trussed poultry, as well as home-made stuffings.

Packaging and dispatch:
our staff do their best to guarantee a quick delivery!

  • Poultry processed and packaged in our premises according to the order specifications for better delivery and tracking.
  • Your orders will be prepared without any delay thanks to our regional organization.
  • An order received in the morning will be ready for dispatch in the evening or the next morning.
  • Internal logistics geared to reactivity and flexibility for all orders.
  • Dispatch area adapted to large and small orders.

a specialist in poultry breeding and selling !

  • A specific professional know-how and a down-to-earth approach!
  • In France, the SAVIC relies on a professional salesteam dedicated to Western France and Paris wholesalers.
  • Each customer can also rely on the SAVIC tele-marketing team for personalized advice,
    taking of orders and follow-up, or just for general information.