Free-range White–Leg Chicken (Challans Red Label) 100 days minimum !

Reared for 100 days, 20 days longer than the other Red Label chickens, the free-range White-Leg chicken offers slightly firmer, yet very tender and tastier flesh. How to spot it? Look out for its specific sticker, with the 100 day-ring on its wing! A real treat for “gastronomes”, you will find it in the best French and international restaurants!

  • Label
  • Type de vollaile
  • Durée d'élevage
  • Type d'élevage
  • Alimentation
  • Produits proposés
  • Rural, naked- neck, pure Vendée breed
  • Rural, naked- neck, pure Vendée breed
  • Access to grassy open-runs from 6 weeks of age– 2.2 m2 open-run per poultry
  • with a 100% plant diet (75% cereals minimum)
  • Eviscerated, oven-ready whole chicken